Congratulations !

You have decided on using Xero software.

Now, are you looking for some help getting started with Xero accounting software and be able to process transactions?

As we are Xero Certified Advisors we have prepared some offers for you.

Individual Training

Choose face to face individual training in our office or via remote training session. This is tailored to your needs so we can spend as much time as needed to prepare you for doing bookkeeping yourself in a long term.

Cost of individual training is £150.00 plus VAT for up to 2 hours.

More time can be purchased if needed at the session of some time after.

Group Training

this option is suitable for employees to give them confidence in using Xero and stop wasting time on watching videos. Training can be done whether on your software or on a Demo Software.

Cost of group training is £200.00 for up to 3 hours.

This can be split to 2 hours and a follow up 1 hour.

The group should be no more than 4 people.

What is included in our Xero training?
  • Raising sales invoices
  • Connecting apps
  • Recording expenses
  • Transactions coding
  • Reporting
  • Vat returns
  • Posting transactions without recipts
  • Matching receipts with transactions
  • Personal expenses
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Importing statements

We recommend that the Xero set up is done before Xero training commences. Some set up features will be shown on the Xero training as invaluable in moving forward with using Xero properly.

Xero Set up

If you don’t want to watch videos how to do it yourself and spend time reading online guidance, look no further. We can set up the software for you, all we need is the access that is granted by giving xero our email. All set up process will be done remotely by Certified Xero staff with 7+ year experience in using Xero.

Step by step approach – We will first schedule a consultation with you to find out what level of set up is required and adjust price to your requirement. Once your software is set up you can be in charge of your own day to day logging of transaction and invoicing your clients. Trust me – The time your will save on this is priceless. If you feel you would benefit form the training we can arrange it remotely or in our office.

There are few packages available.

What’s included?

  • Included is the preparation of the Chart of Accounts
  • Ensuring that the financial settings are correct
  • Creating invoice and email reminders
  • Setting up Assets Registrar
  • Loading of Opening Balances
  • Converting from the previous software
  • Connecting VAT to the HMRC system
  • Creating bank feeds
  • Importing customers and suppliers data

Cost of Xero Set up

You can just purchase from us the set up service for only £99.00 plus VAT or advanced £199.00 plus VAT when moving from another software.

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Training Method:

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Ongoing Support

Once the Xero is set up to your business needs and you have taken the training and can independently process day to day transaction. Being confident with using Xero will make you efficient with using your time and save money in long term. However, if you decide that a professional accountant should from time to time overlook the whole bookkeeping process, just finalise your VAT return of help you out with some difficult entries, you can sign up with us for a fixed fee monthly service.

This will gear you with even more confidence that all the financials are correct. Every so often even we come across an entry that makes us scratch our heads 😊 We will be at the end of the call to help you out.

This can be as little as £50.00 per month.

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