Professional Bookkeeping Is What We Do

Most people don’t like paperwork but we do! Because we do paperwork every day we have developed a number of systems which work well for us and more importantly for our clients. It gives us great pleasure to guide our clients on how to keep purchase and sales receipts in good order and to help them stay organised and up to date. At Greenlight Accountancy we offer bookkeeping service to both incorporated businesses and self-employed individuals. As we deal with bookkeeping on a daily basis we have discovered ways to be both accurate and efficient which enables us to keep the cost to client to a minimum.

Greenlight Accountancy offers bookkeeping in house charged at an hourly rate or a fixed fee if other services are required. We can also get a bookkeeper to travel to your business providing it is in our catchment area.

Keeping your business records in order has many advantages:

Peace of mind

Create accurate reports for detailed analysis
Quicker way of filing accounts

Easy access to your records

It gives a foundation for creating management reports
Adhering to HMRC guidelines and reduced risks of missing deadlines and incurring fines

Depending on the client, bookkeeping can not only be done in different ways but have more than one meaning.

In general bookkeeping can involve the following tasks:

  • Taking care of Sales Ledger – Issuing Sales
  • Invoices, Credit Notes and monthly Statements
  • Taking care of Purchase Ledger – Posting purchase invoices, receipts and expense claims
  • Looking after Petty Cash – this is taking care of small business expenses that have been paid by cash
  • Reconciling bank account
  • Reconciling credit card account
  • Reporting
  • Preparing Vat Returns and filing with HMRC
  • Tiding up records that have been kept in house
  • Credit control
  • Setting up bank payments
  • Dealing with employee expense claims
  • Setting up accounting records

We will take time listening to your requirements and offer you a professional bookkeeping service custom designed just for you. Please ask for a quote using our contact form.

Since we started as a business 8 years ago, we have gone through transition from old school bookkeeping to modern/digital bookkeeping.

Old School Bookkeeping

The traditional bookkeeping involves taking care of all the receipts by creating records in the tables like Excel Spreadsheets or by using other desktop accounting software. We still use this system for some of our clients. In some circumstances this system works better and can be more cost effective for the client especially if the client is not Vat registered and there is minimal amount of receipts in one year. For some people changes are not easy to adapt to. We like to work with client rather than insisting on one system. There is never one way of doing bookkeeping. If you are an old school person and you don’t like changes we will tailor our services to suit your needs. Very few of our clients bring receipts in a box but it still happens. We don’t want to turn them down.

Modern Bookkeeping

The way bookkeeping is done today is different to how it was done few years ago. We like to keep up with the technology and use it in our day to day work as it comes with many advantages. Cloud Based Accounting software’s have revolutionised the way bookkeeping is performed. I would say our work is now more meaningful and less boring. We find that we have more time to advise our clients on various aspects of their business. Using new accounting software’s cuts down on manual inputting however still involves human presence and knowledge. A lot of the time our role involves setting up the client in the right business accounting system. Our team have been trained on different software therefore we like to give our clients a choice with our professional guidance on what may work for best for their business.

All Vat registered businesses need to use the cloud based accounting software to keep their records and reporting to HMRC from April 2019.

Training To Do Your Own Bookkeeping

This service is designed for small business owners who have time to take care of their own bookkeeping or have very few receipts and it makes perfect sense to do it on their own.

We offer one to one training on using software like Xero and Quick Books. In addition, we can offer a one off service to help you when you get stuck with a difficult transaction. If your preference is to keep you own records but your need a little guidance or training to avoid things going wrong, you will find various ways of contacting us on this website.

HMRC can impose a £3,000 fine for not keeping the accounting records.

What Does Professional Bookkeeping Mean?
Doing bookkeeping professionally means that:

  • We are certified
  • Insured
  • Regulated by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
  • Have got 8 years of practical experience

We are just phone call away to set your bookkeeping records straight.

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