Cloud Based Accounting became innovative solution for every type of business. This is fast, secure and reliable bookkeeping that helps you store and manage your data in easy and professional way.

The cloud platform enables you to access your data online anytime, anywhere and from any device. You can be sure that you have clear and up-to-date picture of your business regardless where you are.

Using cloud software like Xero or Quick Books provides great visibility, where you can access, add and manage all relevant information such as bank balances, invoices, bills and reports. It helps you to collaborate with your accountant better and get the advice you need.

What are the other benefits of using cloud-based accounting?

Financial information is updated automatically and regularly supplying reporting in real-time. Thanks to this you can assure that account balances are always accurate. There is fewer amount of errors comparing to manual data entry.

Cloud accounting is a secure method of storing financial information. Access to any data is encrypted and password protected. Two or more people can access the same system with their unique passwords. You can track anything that is done by users and control their access. Cloud have also backup servers in two or more locations so in case of one network going down you can still access your data on the other.

What is the most important – with the cloud based accounting you can spend more time doing what you love also we can spend more time on advisory role and move our energy to more complex matters.

At Greenlight Accountancy we use two main cloud accounting software’s

Xero and Quick Books for bookkeeping and reporting and other supporting software’s of our choice for other accounting tasks. By joining us you will be introduced to modern way of accounting that’s not so boarding and what’s best it keeps everyone in the picture of what happening right now.

Contact us if you think of changing the way you do your books. We are here to help with not only software set but also and training for you and other users.

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